The Influencer Marketing Association

The Influencer Marketing Association was established out of the need to bring order to our chaotic industry. 

The Influencer Marketing Association was founded by a pioneering group of industry experts – agency and network owners who were among the first in the influencer marketing arena.

The official trade organization committed to protecting the authenticity and ethics of influencer marketing. The leaders of the Influencer Marketing Association represent the diverse ecosystem of our industry: brands, agencies, platforms, and individual creators. They are each experienced practitioners and dedicated professionals, committed to achieving the IMA’s mission and vision.





Our first commitment is to ensuring ethical standards are widely understood and adopted across all Influencer Marketing practices. This includes clarifying and following FTC guidelines.

The IMA will serve as a neutral, unbiased organization that will provide guidelines for industry-wide ethical best practices.


Advertisers must represent their consumers. We are dedicated to promoting a diversity of perspective and voices, both in our own organization and for the global industry.

The IMA will provide education and resources that help Influencer Marketing professionals adopt anti-racist practices.


Through advanced, rigorous, and expansive data analysis, the Influencer Marketing Association aims to answer the most challenging questions facing our industry.

The IMA will develop industry standards for measurement, metrics, and analytics.



Achieving industry-wide standardization requires industry-wide transparency. Measurement and ROI cannot happen in a black box. 

The IMA will help practitioners better understand performance metrics by providing resources that allow for objective evaluation. 


The Influencer Marketing industry is founded on the principle that peer-to-peer messaging is the most effective marketing practice. Human beings are not ad units. Over-commoditization of influencers/creators is antithetical to our industry and to our mission.

The IMA will help practitioners keep “human-first” top of mind.


Ensuring growth of the Influencer Marketing industry will require constant reevaluation to keep pace with changes in media, platforms, demographics, and consumer tastes. As such, the Influencer Marketing Association is committed to being a nimble and flexible organization.

The IMA will advise on how to establish and maintain proactive, collaborative, and creative environments, even as the industry continuously evolves. 

Board of Directors

The Influencer Marketing Association was founded by a pioneering group of industry experts who were among the first in the influencer marketing arena.

Jessica Thorpe

Executive Director

Sean Naegeli


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